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Who We Are

We’ve come a long way in 3.5 years

AGILEHOMO SOLUTIONS was founded in 2021 by his founder who saw a need for a more personalized and customer-focused approach to IT services.

We have since grown to become a leading provider of IT services, and we are proud to have helped hundreds of businesses achieve their IT goals.

Aprt from IT Services, AGILEHOMO SOLUTIONS offers Graphic Designing Services, Accounting Services, Retail Services, Medical Services and Real Estate Services

Basically, Customer service is the support you offer your customers - both before and after they buy and use your products or services.

That helps them have an easy and enjoyable experience with you. Offering amazing customer service is important if you want to retain customers and grow your business.

Agilehomo Solutions is a full services of IT, MEDICAL, RETAIL, ACCOUNTS, REAL ESTATE, GRAPHIC DESIGNING solution provider who values our relationships with managers, customers, vendors, business partners, and co-workers. Strong, positive relationships that are open and honest are a big part of what differentiates Business System Solutions.

We provide a comprehensive range of data protection and cyber security services to protect your business information and to give you peace-of-mind. We help you manage risks and build confidence in your technology systems.

Here are the reasons you can depend on Business System Solutions to keep you and your business up and running:

  • Quick Response – Emergency response time is one hour or less guaranteed. A live person will answer your call, or you can enter a service ticket yourself online with our streamlined service ticket system. We can log in to your PC or server remotely and resolve many issues immediately without the wait for a technician to travel to your location.


  • Experienced - We hire only seasoned, professional technicians with at least 5-10 years experience and usually many more. We provide our technicians with continuing education opportunities on a regular basis to allow them to stay current with the latest technology. We won’t be sending out warm bodies to train on your dime!


  • Proactive – Our service philosophy is proactive, not reactive. With state-of- the-art network monitoring and management, we manage your network 24/7 to identify issues and address them BEFORE they become problems, rather than putting out fires.


  • No Geek Speak – You deserve to have your questions answered in plain English. Our technicians will clearly explain what is happening so you understand.


  • Reputable - Business System Solutions has been around since 1995, a respected leader in the community and the industry. Our proudest accomplishment is the large number of long term clients who year after year put their trust in us.


  • Business Savvy - We design, evaluate and justify technology solutions from a thorough understanding of the business benefit for your company.


  • One Stop Shop – We handle all aspects of your IT infrastructure including hardware and software management, vendor relationships for your internet connectivity, website management, and maintenance renewals, and any other related technology needs. We focus on your IT so you can focus on your business.


  • Comprehensive Project Management – Our extensive experience managing all types of complex projects means we will handle every detail and coordinate all vendors so you can rest assured that your project will be completed on time and on budget.


  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems.


Your business depends on your IT systems. We’re confident that we are the only cyber security, computer support, or IT consulting business in Central Indiana that provides these benefits to your business.

  1. To create a progressive organization that can boast of International Standards in Integrity, Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Transparency.
  2. To create a culture of professionalism, core competence, teamwork, and leadership and service excellence. To conceive and deliver quality that conforms to the best practices of Eco – Friendly development.
  3. To leverage modern cost effective techniques resulting in quality, durability, wealth creation and value multiplication


  1. Commitment towards Quality, Integrity and Value Creation for all stakeholders / customers. Implement Best Business Practices that goes beyond customer expectations.
  2. Establish new benchmarks for the industry by besting existing standards. Deliver high quality Residential projects that correlate with Global Developers. Lead the real estate industry with high caliber, efficient manpower and cutting edge technology.
  3. To ensure continuous delight for our customers and stakeholders by always staying a step ahead of the curve. Accelerate the limits of excellence through path breaking innovation and professionalism.
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Share the joy of Achieving Glorious
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3.5 Years’ Experience in Services

We’ve been triumphing all these Fantastic 3.5 Years. Sacrifices are made up with success.

IT Services, Retail Services, Accounts Services, Graphic Designing, Administration Services, Real Estate Services, Medical Services etc.

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Grocery Marts, Apparels Show Rooms, Franchises, Dairy Shops etc.

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Software, Websites, E-commerce, Hardware, Networking, Digital Marketing etc

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GST Registration, Company Registration, PAN Registration, GST Returns, IT Returns, Balance Sheet, Loans etc.

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Pamphlet, Flyers, Logos, Posters, Marketing Materials, Billboards to Packaging etc.

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OT Equipment, Medical GAS Pipeline System, Medicines, Devices etc.

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Plots, Houses, Farm Land -Sell/Purchase etc.

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Quality Assurance System
Our service offerings enhance customer experience throughout secure & highly functional end-to-end warranty management.
Accurate Processes
Develop and propose product improvements through periodical and accurate testing, repairing & refining every version.
Fluctuating Demand
Service demand has high degree of fluctuations. The changes in demand can be seasonal or by weeks, days or even hours.
Pricing of Services
Pricing decision about services are influenced by perishability, fluctuation in demand and inseparability.

We run all kinds of services that vow your company's SUCCESS


It's out pleasure to have a chance to co-operate.

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